Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)

Violence Against Women Act in Temecula

If you are an immigrant who has been subjected to one form of domestic abuse or another, SYG Law Firm will assist you in fighting deportation and obtaining permanent residency outside of your domestic relationship. In 1994, President Bill Clinton signed the Violence Against Women Act into law in the United States.  If you are a victim of domestic violence by a U.S. citizen or a permanent resident, you may be entitled to apply for a green card separate from your abuser.

Get VAWA Protection Through a VAWA Lawyer in Temecula, California

If you qualify for VAWA, it is in your best interests to hire an immigration lawyer. Many feel alone when they are in an abusive relationship but you do not have to go through this alone; a VAWA lawyer from SYG Law Firm can assist you in your case. 

Our VAWA immigration lawyer in Temecula, California, is well-versed in the documentation and process of acquiring benefits under the Violence Against Women Act. Forms for the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) can be tough and complicated at times. When it comes to your VAWA immigration application and process, having an experienced attorney on your side can be quite beneficial.


You may file a VAWA claim if you fall into any of the following categories:


If you are or were the abused spouse of a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, you may make a claim on your own behalf. If your child was maltreated by your spouse, you can also register as an abused spouse. If your unmarried children under the age of 21 have not filed for themselves, you may include them in your petition. 


If you are a U.S. citizen’s parent and have been abused by your son or daughter, you may file a complaint.


If you are a child below 21 years old and have been maltreated by your parent (who is a U.S. citizen or a permanent resident) and are unmarried, you may file a complaint. It’s possible that your petition will involve your children as well. If you can show that the abuse was the main reason for the delay in filing, you can file for yourself as a child after you turn 21 but before you turn 25.

How Can An Immigration Lawyer in Temecula, California Help You?

Violence Against Women Act

Applications, petitions, and the process for the Violence Against Women Act go beyond merely filling out a form and waiting for a response. The process of receiving these benefits has different procedural and material requirements, and navigating through them can be difficult and time-consuming. As a result, it’s a good idea to seek the guidance and help of an experienced Austin immigration lawyer to handle the situation. 

SYG Law Firm’s VAWA attorney has helped people with VAWA concerns before. Contact SYG Law Firm if you need a knowledgeable attorney to handle your VAWA case. You will be able to speak with a qualified attorney and receive the advice and assistance you require. A lawyer in Temecula, California who is familiar with all aspects of VAWA petitions can help you navigate the process and provide useful information about how the case is progressing and what you can fairly expect in terms of both time frame and success in achieving the desired benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is VAWA only available to women?

VAWA is open to both men and women. Despite the fact that the law’s name includes the term “women,” men and women can both benefit from the benefits that VAWA offers. 

Is it necessary for you to have a police record in order to comply with VAWA?

No, a police record is not required to comply with VAWA. While a police record can be useful, the VAWA attorney at SYG Law Firm will assist you in gathering adequate proof of abuse even if one is not available. 

Can you still file a VAWA self-petition if you’re not divorced?

Whether you want to stay with your partner during the VAWA petition process is entirely up to you. While you do not feel obligated to remain with your abuser, being divorced may make winning your VAWA petition more challenging. Before making this decision, make sure to discuss your alternatives with your VAWA lawyer. If you are already divorced from the abuser, be sure to contact a VAWA lawyer before remarrying, as it may jeopardize your ability to qualify. 

What if you’ve never been physically abused?

While physical abuse is the most obvious type of abuse in VAWA cases, it is not the only one. Other types of “severe cruelty” may even result in a VAWA case being approved. Among them are:

  • Violent behavior
  • Sexual abuse
  • Child abuse
  • Abusive or derogatory language
  • Emotional exploitation
  • Financial exploitation:
  • Kidnapping threats
  • Threats of deportation from your abuser.

As a result, even if you have never been physically abused, you may still meet the VAWA standards. Speak with one of our VAWA attorneys at SYG Law Firm to find out if you qualify.

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Are you an immigrant victim of domestic abuse in Temecula, California? You should be aware that you do not have to put your or your children’s safety at risk because of deportation fears. 

The entire process of self-petitioning for VAWA immigration is a private one that should not be discussed with your abusive partner or parents. The VAWA attorneys at SYG Law Firm can help you keep records, seek information, and have mail sent to the legal office. Our VAWA immigration lawyers can also help you gather and organize the evidence you’ll need to file a self-petition. 

We’ve assisted a number of people in the past and would be delighted to assist you as well. Call (951) 595-7127 if you have any questions. Please contact us at and we will respond as soon as possible. We value your privacy and will protect your personal information.

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