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Immigration is all we do at SYG Law Firm. You’ve come to the right place if you or someone you care about needs help coming to or staying in the United States. Look no further if you need an immigration attorney in San Diego, California, who will provide outstanding assistance at a fair price.


We assist clients with obtaining fiancé visas, U-visas, Green Cards, and citizenship certificates. If you are in San Diego, California, we would be delighted to meet with you and discuss your immigration needs. Alternatively, you can call us for a free and confidential consultation.

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Every year, the United States accepts tens of thousands of new immigrants under various legal classifications. Many people choose to come here because of the country’s robust economy and the availability of lucrative career opportunities. Others travel here for educational purposes or to get away from the extreme challenges of living in other parts of the world.

Whether you are looking to come to the United States or to prolong your stay, the attorneys at SYG Law Firm can help you handle all your immigration issues. We have helped clients all over the country obtain marriage visas, fiancé visas, and adjustments of status. Our attorneys can also help with citizenship, green cards, and other immigration matters. We would handle the immigration cases for you to eliminate any mistakes and help you achieve your goals.

We would love to meet with you in person to talk about your immigration requirements if you are in San Diego, California. You can also phone us at (951) 595-7127 for a free, private consultation, like the majority of our clients do.

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Choose the Best Immigration Attorney in San Diego

Hiring a knowledgeable San Diego immigration attorney should be your priority if you’re in San Diego and have immigration problems. If you’re interested in citizenship, a visa to work in the US, or you want to sponsor a kid via family immigration, our immigration lawyers can help you navigate the federal immigration system.

Working with an immigration attorney can ensure you avoid running into difficulties that can delay or diminish your chances of success.

What We Do?

At SYG Law Firm, we take the time to fully understand your requirements and unique situation before developing a legal plan that will help you achieve your objectives. Our skilled immigration attorneys in San Diego can fight for your rights whether you want to become a citizen, get a visa, or void deportation.

We frequently deal with the following issues, among others:

Representing San Diego, California Clients from All Around the World

We have represented many people from Mexico to Sweden, from Central and South America to Afghanistan, from Nigeria to New Zealand. Wherever you or your family are immigrating from, our office is prepared to fight for you.

Our Areas of Expertise

Immigration Law

Immigration law in the United States regulates who can enter, how long they may remain, and when they must go. It also determines who is eligible for citizenship via naturalization and admission as a permanent resident. Immigration laws are governed at the federal level and largely enforced by government agencies like ICE  and CBP.

Under U.S. immigration law, immigrants are either classified as aliens or U.S. citizens. Our attorneys can help you understand U.S. immigration laws, your status, and the steps to achieve your immigration goals. We treat each situation with the respect and care it requires, as no one solution works in all cases.


If you are born in the US, you are automatically a citizen. If not, there are several ways to become a citizen. You can apply for naturalization after five years as a permanent resident or after three years if you are married to a US citizen. You will enjoy all of the rights associated with citizenship after you have been granted it, including the ability to get a US passport and cast ballots in both national and local elections.

Our San Diego immigration attorney would help you file for naturalization to help you achieve your goal. We have numerous clients all around the country who are today legal citizens of the United States, thanks to our amazing services.

Family-Based Visas

We are aware of the challenges that come with family separation and the intimidating nature of the immigration process. Family-based immigration is one of the most enjoyable aspects of our profession, and we are thrilled to add our personal touch to this procedure that can change a person’s life. We can help you at every step of this process, from figuring out if you or your loved one is eligible for family visas to applying for full U.S. citizenship.

Green Card Renewal

A green card, often called a permanent resident card, serves as documentation of your residency in the United States. Your green card can be valid for 10 years, so if you intend to stay in the country for a long time, be sure you renew it before it expires. Although having an expired green card does not imply you have lost your right to live and work in the United States, you will need a new one to prove your eligibility.

Our San Diego immigration attorneys can help you through the renewal process to get a new green card if your current one is about to expire, is lost, or is stolen.


The U non-immigrant status, also known as the “U visa,” is the most common victim-based immigration application as it is accessible to the largest population. If you think you qualify for U-nonimmigrant status and need assistance with the application procedure, an SYG Law Firm visa attorney can be of assistance. Our Visa lawyers are available to support anyone who has been wronged. We can help ensure you follow the right procedures to ensure you get the U-visa.

Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)

The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) allows you to get lawful permanent residency if you meet the requirements to be considered a spouse of a battered non-citizen.

Our skilled VAWA attorneys are prepared to represent you with compassion and tenacity, as we are aware of the urgency and significant stakes involved in these kinds of situations. Get in touch with our legal offices right away to arrange a consultation with our San Diego immigration attorneys.

International Adoption

International adoptions are complicated immigration situations. International agreements, immigration regulations in both the sending and receiving nations, and adoption regulations in both the sending and receiving states in the United States all play a huge role in this process. So as aspiring adoptive parents who intend to adopt a child born overseas, your first step should be to find an immigration lawyer who specializes in both international adoption and U.S. immigration law.

SYG Law Firm has various lawyers that specialize in this particular area of the law and can help you ensure a successful adoption process.

Removal of Conditions

When you marry a citizen or lawful permanent resident in the US, you are granted a green card; however, your green card will initially be subject to restrictions. You must remove the restrictions before the conditional green card expires. Else, you will violate US immigration law and may be deported. The immigration attorneys at SYG Law Firm can help you with the removal of conditions.


Our knowledgeable passport lawyers at SYG Law Firm can help you handle all passport-related matters. We work hard to make sure that each of our customers completes the passport application process and acts quickly in the event of delays or rejections.

We also have a great deal of expertise with administrative hearings and are prepared to help clients whose passports may be suspended or restricted.

Fiancé Visa

A “fiancé visa” enables the fiancé(e) of a U.S citizen to visit the country for 90 days to get married to a US citizen and relocate here. The new spouse is qualified to stay in the country with a Green Card if the American citizen “petitioner” gets married to the foreigner “beneficiary” within those ninety days.

At SYG Law Firm, we have gotten thousands of K1 Fiance Visa approvals for our clients in the past few years and can help you get one.

Certificate of Citizenship

A Certificate of Citizenship attests to the citizenship of an individual who was born abroad to American citizens. To be clear, it does not bestow citizenship. It just acknowledges and verifies the applicant’s current citizenship status.

Our San Diego attorneys can help you file for and get the United States Certificate of Citizenship. We can also represent you during the naturalization process if you are trying to acquire citizenship.

Adjustment of Status

You can file for adjustment of status if you are already a non-immigrant, like an illegal alien, refugee, asylum seeker, investor, business owner, or visitor who is just staying temporarily. In essence, you will request permission from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to enter the country permanently rather than temporarily. However, like with any immigration law procedure, there are several challenges to this process. But not to worry, our adjustment of status attorneys can help you navigate the whole process and get valid residency documents.

Writ of Mandamus

Not only is the immigration law system in the United States famously complex, but it is also overloaded. Many individuals from all over the world come to the United States with the same intention: to live, work, and build a prosperous future for themselves and their families.

As a result, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, among other organizations, are overburdened with requests for nonimmigrant visas, family-based, and employment-based immigrant visas, and citizenship. Our attorneys can file a writ of mandamus to get a quick response to your immigration application.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About San Diego immigration attorneys 

How much does hiring an immigration attorney in San Diego cost?

Many people are discouraged from hiring immigration attorneys when they most need them due to the projected expense of legal bills. However, it’s critical to get reliable legal representation when you and your loved ones face the possibility of losing your immigration status, being deported, or even facing criminal charges relating to your immigration. The cost of legal representation will depend on your immigration case, what you are trying to achieve, and the specific immigration law firm. Ensure to speak to the law firm to get an idea of how much your legal fees may cost.


What can an immigration attorney do to stop my deportation?

The team of immigration attorneys at SYG Law Firm not only have years of expertise helping clients navigate the complex immigration laws of the United States, but they also have years of experience on a broad range of criminal defense issues.

We will consult with you carefully to choose the appropriate line of defense for you. We will file appeals and help you meet bond requirements if you have been detained. You can count on our staff to give thorough counsel through each stage of your immigration litigation to stop deportation proceedings.


What are the requirements for a fiancé visa?

  • You are a citizen of the United States who obeys the law.
  • It’s been more than two years since you last saw your fiancé (or fiancée) in person.
  • You are able to wed.
  • You can support your fiancé in the United States.

If you believe you meet the requirements for a K1 fiancé visa listed above, check the specifics with our fiancé visa lawyer.


Is a marriage visa available to me?

  • Be a U.S. citizen who obeys the law.
  • Do you currently marry or plan to marry a foreign national?
  • Your partner must comply with US immigration laws.
  • You can support your fiancé in the United States?

If you believe you match the requirements above, let our knowledgeable immigration attorney verify the information.


How is a green card replaced?

There is always a chance that a green card you have been awarded might be misplaced, destroyed, expired, or stolen. If you need to get a new green card. You will need to submit Form I-90, Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card. Our green card attorneys can help you renew your green card.


Am I eligible for U.S. citizenship as a member of a citizen’s family?

Yes, being a family member of a citizen qualifies you for citizenship in the United States. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services accepts requests from US citizens for certain family members (USCIS). Using forms like the I-130, I-864, and I-485, spouses, children, parents, and siblings may all be eligible for a green card (permanent residency). Our citizenship lawyers can help you get a U.S. citizenship certificate.


Do I need legal counsel for immigration matters?

If you have immigration difficulties, such as filing for a visa or appealing a petition denial, you are not required to engage an attorney. But doing so can be quite advantageous. An immigration lawyer in San Diego can help you appropriately complete the papers and navigate the process to help you become a citizen as soon as feasible.

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