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Naturalization is the final stage in the process of becoming a U.S. citizen. For many immigrants, this is the long-awaited culmination of a journey that began when they made the life-changing decision to immigrate to the United States. People who have been living in the country for a long time must still go through a long and difficult process of applications, interviews, and tests to make sure they are eligible.

Even if you’ve worked hard as a lawful permanent resident to meet the requirements for citizenship, the naturalization process necessitates meticulous attention to detail. The naturalization process is broken down into several stages, each with its own set of requirements. To guarantee that your application passes through the system effectively, it’s critical to provide all the required documentation. Your case would likely benefit from the assistance of a qualified naturalization attorney. 

SYG Law Firm has a long history of helping people get through the complicated immigration system and become citizens. As a certified naturalization attorney in Temecula, California, SYG Law Firm can help people with the naturalization process.

Let an Expert Naturalization Attorney in Temecula, California Help You Obtain Citizenship By Naturalization

As previously indicated, there are several actions to complete as well as some qualifying conditions to meet for your naturalization to be granted. People who want to become citizens have to meet several rules and conditions, like:

  • You must not be less than 18 years of age.
  • You must be a lawful permanent resident.
  • You must meet both the “continuous residence” and “physical presence” requirements.
  • You must be a person of “good moral character.”
  • You should be able to communicate in English at a basic level, unless an exception applies.
  • You must study and pass the USCIS civics test, which challenges your fundamental understanding of American history and politics.

Our Naturalization Services

Naturalization in Temecula

The importance of becoming a citizen is well understood by us. SYG Law Firm is ready to assist you if you are considering naturalization. In any case, we may provide the following services:

  • Checking to see if you have any criminal convictions that may prevent you from becoming a citizen or put you at risk of deportation if you apply for citizenship.
  • Obtaining a waiver of the citizenship exam or language requirements for those over the age of 55 or who have lived in the United States for more than 20 years.
  • Ensuring that permanent residents whose visas were originally based on marriage or labor are not jeopardized by divorce or job problems.
  • Considering the impact of extended travel outside the United States during the residency period in the United States.
  • Dealing with tax issues before submitting a citizenship application
  • Determining the grounds for claiming acquired or derivative citizenship based on familial circumstances, which would require an entirely different application process.

Together with our clients, we carefully evaluate each citizenship application. In the best-case scenario, we learn that immigrants have already become citizens of the United States. However, in most cases, it is our job to make sure that we can show that you are eligible for citizenship while also taking care of any underlying problems that might make it difficult for you to become a citizen.

What Should You Expect During the Naturalization Process?


The following are the three stages of the naturalization process:

Stage 1

At this stage, you need to fill out form N-400 (Application for Naturalization) and submit it to USCIS.

Stage 2

After applying, the applicant will be notified of a fingerprint appointment date, which they must attend. All meetings and interviews with the United States Immigration Service must be prepared for and attended. Your naturalization may be denied if you do not attend the planned meetings.

Stage 3

You will receive an interview notice requiring you to appear at your local USCIS field office. There, you must go before an immigration officer to review your application materials, complete your English test and civics test, and answer any inquiries the officer may have. Upon approval, the applicant will be scheduled for a swearing-in ceremony. During the ceremony, the candidate must submit their I-551 card (Legal Permanent Residency Document, also known as a “green card”) before receiving a naturalization certificate. The applicant is now a naturalized citizen of the United States.

 Working with an experienced naturalization attorney in Temecula, California can help relieve the strain of gathering evidence and applying for naturalization.

Obstacles to Naturalization

There are a number of obstacles that could jeopardize your success. Criminal convictions, whether they occurred in the United States or the home country, might be a deterrent to citizenship. Lengthy or repeated trips outside of the United States could also prohibit you from satisfying the continuous residence or physical presence requirements. 

We’ve dealt with a lot of tough instances before. Our attorneys have assisted immigrants with “red flags” on their records in overcoming these barriers and achieving citizenship eligibility. If you have a past or current event that could threaten your desire to become an American citizen, please contact us to discuss your options.

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