Family-Based Visas

Family Based Visas in California

The Temecula, California immigration lawyer at SYG Law Firm can assist you or someone you know with securing a family-based immigration visa. SYG Law Firm has assisted many clients with immigration issues in the United States, and we can assist Americans and LPRs in obtaining visas for their overseas relatives. Furthermore, because getting visas is governed by federal law rather than state law, we can process visa applications for citizens from any state, not only California. 

SYG Law Firm can provide peace of mind to you and your family while completing this tough, potentially irritating, and time-consuming activity. We will handle the application procedure from start to finish, keeping you informed and alleviating stress.

Why Choose SYG Law Firm For Your Family-Based Visa Application?

The SYG Law Firm has extensive experience in all aspects of family-based immigration, including green cards and fiancé visas. Based on our years of experience, we’ll walk you through the whole process of applying for and receiving a family-based green card for yourself, your spouse, your parents, or other family members.

We represent you at every stage of your family-based immigration journey, from preparing your initial application for submission, including all forms and supporting documents, to advising you throughout the process, including your immigration interview and any government requests for additional evidence.

Our Services

SYG Law Firm has assisted many U.S. citizens and permanent residents in obtaining family-sponsored green cards for their spouses, children, parents, and siblings. We’ve assisted families with both the adjustment of status and the consular process for a family visa. We have the knowledge and experience of the family-based green card process. 

Our family-based visa and green card services include the following:

Green card for a spouse

Immediate relatives include the spouses of U.S. citizens. This means that the government has no limit on how many green cards it can issue to husbands and wives of U.S. citizens in any given year. Our attorney has expertise with the marriage-based green card procedure, from drafting all of the required documentation to defending couples at their visa interview.


Green card for single (i.e. unmarried) children under the age of 21

Citizens of the United States can petition for their single children that are below the age of 21 through the immediate relative family-based immigration category. Children of U.S. residents under the age of 21 do not face lengthy waits owing to visa category backlogs because they are likewise classified under the immediate relatives category, whereas married or adult child are not.

Through the green card procedure, our family visa attorneys in Temecula, California have helped many parents reunite with their children. We’ve also worked with many adoptive and stepparents to help them sponsor their children for a family-sponsored green card.

Green card for parents of U.S. citizens

The immediate relative category allows citizens of the United States to sponsor their parents for a family-based green card. Our family immigration lawyers can assist you in obtaining a family-sponsored green card for your mother or father. We have assisted U.S. resident parents, including adopted and stepparents, in obtaining a green card. We have successfully guided several families through the family-sponsored immigration process, including properly preparing parents for their immigration interview, which is often a source of concern for applicants. 

In addition, we can assist you with the following:

  • K-1 fiance visa
  • K-2 visa for children of K-1 fiance, and
  • Jointly filed removal of conditions petition

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The immigration process in the United States is not straightforward, and it might take years to complete. Despite the lengthy immigration procedure, the United States remains an open door for newcomers. At SYG Law Firm, California immigration lawyer, we recognize the importance of bringing your loved ones to the United States as soon as possible. 

It has been a wonderful privilege for us to assist many families in bringing their loved ones to America. We not only have the experience to provide our clients with excellent legal counsel, but we also have an attorney who is familiar with the entire procedure. As a result, we understand how critical our services are to our clients and strive to reunite families as soon as possible. 

Contact SYG Law Firm immediately for a free initial consultation at (951) 595-7127 or if you need an experienced and educated Temecula, California immigration attorney. Our services are not restricted to Temecula; our attorneys also work with clients in every state and every country with a range of immigration concerns.

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