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Immigration is all we do at SYG Law Firm. You’ve come to the right place if you or someone you care about needs help coming to or staying in the United States. Look no further if you need an immigration attorney in Temecula, California, who will provide outstanding assistance at a fair price.


We assist clients with obtaining fiancé visas, U-visas, Green Cards, and citizenship certificates. If you are in Temecula, California, we would be delighted to meet with you and discuss your immigration needs. Alternatively, you can call us for a free and confidential consultation.

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Whether you or your loved one wants to come to the United States for school, be with family, escape persecution, advance your career, or participate in athletic competition, our experienced and committed immigration attorneys in Lake Elsinore, CA, can help you realize your goals.

At SYG Law Firm, we offer expert assistance for various immigration, citizenship, and visa concerns to individuals, partners, and families around the country at our immigration law office in Lake Elsinore, California.

Our knowledgeable and skilled staff can assist you in all aspects of immigration law and offer creative, individualized legal solutions to help you succeed. We offer reasonably priced immigration services to organizations, people, and families moving to the United States or trying to remain here.

We help you deal with the American immigration authorities for your citizenship, waiver, visa status, or deportation concerns, so you don't have to face them yourself.

Lake Elsinore

Lake Elsinore Immigration Law Office Specializing in Family and Business-Based Immigration

The Lake Elsinore Immigration Law Firm specializes in family and business-based immigration, helping individuals and families obtain the appropriate visa or green card to live and work in the United States. Our immigration law firm has a team of experienced professionals who are passionate about helping their clients through every step of the often confusing and complicated immigration process. We provide top-notch representation and care for each and every one of our clients, ensuring that they receive the attention they need and deserve. Our immigration law firm in Lake Elsinore is proud to have a long history of successful cases and satisfied clients. 

If you're looking to bring a family member to the United States, we can help you with every step of the process. We'll help you gather the necessary documentation and file all the required applications. We'll also represent you at your interview with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

If you're looking to start a business in the United States, we can help you with that too. We'll help you find the right visa category for your business and guide you through the application process. We can also assist with obtaining permanent residency or citizenship for you and your employees.

No matter your immigration status or needs, our immigration attorney in Lake Elsinore can help you get the representation you need and deserve.

Representing Temecula, California Clients from All Around the World

We have represented many people from Mexico to Sweden, from Central and South America to Afghanistan, from Nigeria to New Zealand. Wherever you or your family are immigrating from, our office is prepared to fight for you.

Our Areas of Expertise

Immigration Law

SYG Law Firm was founded to provide families and individuals with immigration legal advice. We are motivated by a sense of fairness and a desire to make a difference while defending our clients in a rapidly changing legal landscape…


Naturalization is the final stage in the process of becoming a U.S. citizen. For many immigrants, this is the long-awaited culmination of a journey that began when they made the life-changing decision to immigrate to the United States…

Family-Based Visas

One of the most popular and helpful options for legal immigration to the United States is through family members. In family-based immigration, a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident can apply for a visa that allows them to live permanently in the United States…

Green Card Renewal

Every immigrant dreams of becoming a permanent resident and getting a green card. In doing so,you will have many of the same rights and liberties as a US citizen.

 SYG Law Firm serves immigrants seeking to renew their green cards in Temecula, California. SYG Law Firm has supported foreign nationals in obtaining green cards through job visas, family petitions, and asylum, among many other programs. We’re dedicated to assisting you in obtaining and maintaining permanent residency and also renewing your green card.


The Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act, passed by Congress in 2000, was designed to protect victims of human trafficking and violence. This resulted in the development of the U Visa, among other significant changes to immigration law. Non-immigrants with a U Visa have legal status. Victims of qualifying criminal acts, as well as their family members, are eligible for U Visas, which give temporary immigration benefits.

If you are a victim of a crime in the United States, have been physically or mentally abused because of the crime, have information about the crime, and have helped a federal, state or local government official investigate the crime, you may be able to get a U Visa.

Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)

Men and women who are exposed to any form of abuse by a parent or partner who is a legal permanent resident or a U.S. citizen are covered by the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). We can represent foreign brides that are assaulted by their American husbands. We can represent women and children that are abused, disfigured, or enslaved.

International Adoption

Are you interested in expanding your family through international adoption? Processing inter-country foreign adoptions for Americans and permanent residents of the United States is both difficult and rewarding. Potential parents can realize their lifelong desire to start or expand their families, and foreign children can enjoy family stability and hope for a brighter future.

 Our immigration law firm can assist you with the legal process in Temecula, California. Nothing is as easy as it appears when it comes to immigration; adoption is a perfect example of this.

Removal of Conditions

When you marry a U.S. citizen or a lawful permanent resident in the United States, you will be granted a green card with limitations. If you fail to remove the conditions before the conditional green card that you were issued expires, you have violated the U.S. immigration law and may be deported. Our immigration attorney in Temecula, California can help you remove the conditions on your green card.


Passport applications can be difficult, especially if you have to prove your U.S. citizenship, which can be a complicated necessity for many people. The average processing time for passport applications is 4 to 6 weeks but can be much longer for those with a unique claim to citizenship. People who don’t give enough information on their passport applications might have to wait longer or have their applications rejected.

 SYG Law Firm has assisted clients in completing DS-11 passport applications thoroughly and correctly. Our team gives each case the attention it needs, so people can quickly and easily apply for a U.S. passport.

Fiancé Visa

The fiancé visa is currently exclusively available to the fiances of U.S. citizens. Your only option if your fiancé is a legal permanent resident is to apply for a marriage visa. U.S. immigration law does not entitle the fiance of a permanent resident to enter the United States for the purposes of marrying.. To be eligible for this visa, you must meet several requirements, which SYG Law Firm will assist you with.

Certificate of Citizenship

A certificate of citizenship (N-600) identifies an individual as a U.S. citizen. In lieu of a U.S. birth certificate or U.S. passport, this document is used to prove citizenship. A certificate of citizenship could be useful in a variety of situations. A person born outside the United States who claims citizenship through their parents could, for example, could be required to obtain a certificate of citizenship as proof of their citizenship in a variety of situations.

 Our immigration lawyers have extensive expertise in helping people get a United States certificate of citizenship. Get in touch with us for more information about how SYG Law Firm can help you get your citizenship certificate.

Adjustment of Status

An experienced immigration lawyer can assist you in navigating the process of seeking an adjustment of status. Our immigration law attorney has the expertise and resources to assist you in gathering the required information and evidence for the application, as well as answering any questions you may have during the adjustment process. You may miss important steps if you don’t have the help of a legal representative, thereby putting your visa and immigration in jeopardy.

Advance Parole

The procedure of applying for advance parole is not only tasking but also lengthy. You can ensure that your advance parole processing is successful by working with the most dependable Temecula, California advance parole lawyer. Make an appointment with SYG Law Firm to find out if you are eligible for advance parole.

Writ of Mandamus

Applicants deserve a decision from USCIS or the Department of State when they put in the time and effort to file an immigration application and meet all of the requirements. Writs of mandamus, as an active legal action, will assist individuals who followed all of the application procedures in receiving this decision in a reasonable and fair time. Our immigration attorneys in Temecula, California, are ready to put their years of experience and great legal skills to work and help you get a status determination.

Parole in Place

Parole in Place is a unique military remission of illegal presence and admission into the US. However, regardless of whether the soldier is on active duty, reserve, or veteran, this waiver is only accessible to the spouse, child, or parent of an armed forces member.

 Many family members of armed servicemen and women have been granted parole, and SYG Law Firm has assisted them in subsequently obtaining lawful permanent residence. Please call our immigration lawyer to set up an appointment to talk about your specific case.

Work with an Immigration Attorney That Delivers Results

We believe that to offer our clients the quality immigration legal services that they deserve, we must first understand their needs and desires. Before establishing a plan of action, our immigration lawyer takes the time to meet with clients and provide one-on-one attention to understand their unique situations. Our goal is to help you get the best legal help possible for your situation.

Immigration Law

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