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As an immigration law firm, our office’s mission is clear — we help individuals navigate the complex immigration laws of the United States so that they can come or remain with their loved ones. Our Temecula immigration attorney has the expertise and experience to guide you through the immigration process quickly and successfully.

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Stefanos Y. Georgousopoulos, Esq.

Stefanos Y. Georgousopoulos (State Bar No. 314856) graduated from California University San Marcos with his bachelor’s degree. He later graduated cum laude from California Western School of Law in San Diego, California before moving back to his hometown of Temecula, CA. He began his practice in constitutional litigation but quickly found his passion in advocating for clients navigating the immigration process.

Mr. Georgousopoulos’s grandfather, Aristidis Georgousopoulos, journeyed to the United States from Greece in 1955 with nothing more than a few dollars in his pockets. Due to assimilation policies in effect at the time, his name was changed upon his arrival at Ellis Island to Harry Georges. Without knowing a word of English, he had no way to request for the retention of his native name. He worked hard for his family, created roots, and was grateful to be a part of this country. Like so many that have done the same, his courage benefitted generations to come.

After establishing a new life for himself, he sponsored over twenty families to immigrate from Greece. He provided food, shelter, and financial stability for each of these families until they too could partake in the American dream. In honor of that legacy, Stefanos legally changed his surname from Georges back to Georgousopoulos in 2014.

Inspired by the resilience of his grandfather and all those that have already or are seeking to take the same journey, SYG Law Firm is here to help. Stefanos Georgousopoulos has dedicated his career to helping clients complete the complex requirements and procedures of U.S. immigration laws. Whether you’re seeking a visa, permanent residence, or citizenship, our Temecula Immigration Lawyers can help you!

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